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Yes, we can rewire!

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Brain Injury Rewiring for Survivors/​Loved Ones: A Lifeline to New Connections.

Not only are the "Rewiring" manuals the only paired set of guidebooks for recovery from brain injury available today, but they are the most comprehensive! And they're survivor-written!

Well-received by health-care professionals, some examples of their praise include: "This is exactly what Iíve needed for my patients!" and "Perfect. I want a million copies" (Joanne Hein, speech-Language therapist); "During my career as a neuropsychologist I have often wished for books like "Brain Injury Rewiring" to provide my patients the answers they seek and the inspiration to continue their own journeys" (Christine Baser, PhD).

Nathan Zasler, MD, CEO & Medical Director, Concussion Care Centre of Virginia, says, " ... a must-read manual for person with brain injury...Ms. Dolen not only gives readers the tools to move forward productively, but just as importantly, [fills] them with feelings of empowerment and hope."

Husband of 2003 stroke survivor, Neal Schleimer says," This is THE book I wish I had when my wife was first injured. If you're a loved one... buy this volume RIGHT NOW. Believe me, you need it."

"Brain Injury Rewiring for Survivors: A Lifeline to New Connections After Brain Injury" and "Brain Injury Rewiring For Loved Ones..." are inspirational guidebooks that empower readers to transform lives damaged by brain injury.

Using reader-friendly language, Ms. Dolen engages readers by interweaving her decades-long personal journey throughout these manuals and offers reflective quotations and sorely-needed humor as she shows how to recover from brain injury.

Rewiring throws-out a lifeline to both survivors and caregivers that enables survivors to make New Connections to themselves and to others so they can successfully reenter their communities and resume productive activity after Brain Injury.

Strategies are revealed to rewire each human "operating system": spiritual, cognitive, emotional, nutritional, physical, social, and vocational. Both traditional and non-traditional (complementary-alternative) medical approaches to healing are unveiled to enlighten readers to the many "circuits" on the pathway to wellness.

By refusing to embrace the concept "can't," Ms. Dolen shares how she grapples with challenges as she dares other survivors to "Just Do It!" too. From the unique perspective of a 30+ year survivor, readers learn how to overcome obstacles in both internal and external environments--whether over, under, around, or through--to heal hearts, minds, and bodies.

Survivors agree: "This like sailing the ocean in a thick fog during a storm...full of fear...All you are looking for is that lighthouse to guide you through the awful storm. The "Rewiring" books are that light...for all survivors and anyone connected with their recoveries." (Susan Hale-Abrams, PI, QM, TBI Survivor).

Rewiring proves that recovery is possible--with a spark and some hot wires!


Ever the Viking warrior, Carolyn E. Dolen clearly defied a prognosis of "suicide or psych ward!" She overcame injuries from a 1976 auto accident in a Minnesota snowstorm to earn two masterís degrees with high honors, compete in triathlons, learn to board-surf at the age of 48 and kayak-surf at 52--and with only a few ER visits!

Her books, Brain Injury Rewiring: A Lifeline to New Connections after Brain Injury chronicles this defiance in an expansion of her award-winning thesis about brain injury recovery.

As a graduate of the same high school (St. Paul, MN Johnson) as the head coach of the "Miracle on Ice" Olympic gold medalists, this middle child also refused to accept the word "canít" as she prayed and worked toward her own miracle, with the help of many angels (who worked lots of overtime!).

Carolyn is a former middle and high school teacher with stints in St. Paul, MN, New Berlin, WI, San Diego, CA, and Ventura, CA who graduated from St. Olaf College (1968) with a B.A. in English and physical education. She also earned an MA in Special Education from CSU Dominguez Hills (1986) and an MA in Physical Education from SDSU (1991).

Ms. Dolen's other work has appeared in print over 100 times, in both authored and edited pieces. Previous publications include a short story, "A Christmas Communion of Chocolate" (Grit: American Life and Traditions), and a series of children's holiday readings (with two cover features in Today's Catholic Teacher) that were published in numerous educational periodicals (1996-1999).

Additional work includes co-authoring two national skin-care newsletters and several health/​fitness pieces and writing columns for both church and San Diego Brain Injury Foundation newsletters. A presenter at a national ataxia conference, Carolyn also chaired the 1991 San Diego Disability Awareness Week Network activities that received Congressional commendation letters and extensive media coverage.

Future writing goals for this 'Baby-Boomer' author-athlete include expanding her "Symbols for the Seasons" children's holiday readings, authoring a work about "The Twelve Days of Christmas" song, and, of course, a sequel to Rewiring!

Athletically, Carolyn continues to bicycle, run, swim, weight-train, and practice yoga as she seeks to qualify again for the US National Sprint Triathlon team so she can compete at the next world championships. She still also enjoys board and kayak surfing and always seeks to improve her skills. Rehab works!

In addition to doing her sports and athletic events, Carolyn balances her body, mind, and spirit with daily yoga, singing, volunteering at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Ventura, CA, and ushering at performing arts events. Clearly, this survivor doesn't "do" idleness!